What to expect on Pakistani Traditional Wedding?

What to expect on Pakistani Traditional Wedding?

Celebrating and attending a Pakistani wedding will probably be one of the most tiring and vibrant experiences of your life. Weddings in Pakistan are very enjoyable, exciting and, not to mention, really long. The traditions may vary from families to families but a pure desi wedding lasts for about a week or ten days, usually.

If it is an elite wedding then you can expect the main functions to be like “DholkiMayoun, Mehndi, Nikaah, Baraat and Walima“, Sangeet and Qawali Night are also a part of some elite Pakitani Weddings now-a-days.

For a wedding of an average scale, you can expect it to last for about 5 days maximum with basic functions of “Mehndi, Baraat and Walima” and a few dinner parties at home that are usually organized for the close family members at both sides.

A few common events that you can expect are:


A small part mainly organized at homes where family members get together and sing songs, enjoying the upcoming wedding. It can be organized at both sides, either it is the groom’s side or the bride’s.


A function at bride’s place where the friends and family put Henna and Ubtan with the thought that it will increase the glow on bride’s face.


This function is considered as one of the main events as it is planned months before the wedding. It is organized by both sides mainly to put mehndi on bride and groom. Friends and family usually prepare dances along with the other rituals for this event.


This is the day on which the bride and groom officially tie the knot to their relationship and a well written nikaah nama is signed by both of them. After this the bride usually moves in with the groom to his house.


Last but not the least of events is the Walima ceremony, which is organized completely by the groom’s side of family.

Now, if you consider this as the end then no let me stop you right there and tell you that this is not the end. After the main events, there starts a series of dinner parties and daawats organized by family members from both sides for the newly wedded couple. It’s a very delightful experience, one that you will surely never forget.

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