Weddings in Pakistan are celebrated with fervor and festivity. It’s the most important day when the guy
and the girl come together in union after the various stages of the wedding take place after the Nikkah
“contract of marriage in Islam”.
Weddings are not just the coming together of the bride and groom but also the union of two families as
many a times the girl, when gets married goes to the in laws place after Rukhsati “bride leaving her
parents house”.

Let’s take you through a step by step Pakistani wedding festivity:

  • The first stage is where the guys families go to different girls houses to check out the girls and
    find the appropriate rishta “girl”. (It’s a very painstaking task but someone has to go and eat the
    samosas at every girl’s place). The girl is required to come out with a trolley full of goodies to eat
    for the guy’s family. This ritual is really hurting for the girl and her faamily as people just come
    and scrutinize and leave. It should be the other way round as it’s the girl who has to go to the
    guy’s place and live after the wedding. Hope this culture changes soon.
  • The next stage that comes after the rishta is finalized is the Engagement. This process is where
    the girl and guy exchange rings.
  • After some time passes, the families decide on the wedding dates and then the set of colorful
    festivities start.
  • “Dholki” – these are set of get togethers that take place in the girls and guys place along with
    relatives and friends where they practice for the main event.
  • “Mayun” or “tail” – its where the girl is put oil on her head by all female relatives and friends.
  • “Mehndi” – the girl and guy’s families come together and put mehndi “henna” on the bride and
    groom. The dholak and dances are performed by each side and it’s a whole fun time.
  • “Nikkah” – the wedding day when the contract of marriage takes place between the bride and
    groom and the photoshoots are done. After the ceremony, the girl’s Rukhsati “bride leaves to go
    with her new husband and his family”. It’s a very emotional side at the bride’s side as the girl is
    leaving her family.
  • “Walima” – the last day of the main events where the groom and his family give a wedding
    reception or walima to the girl’s family and all relatives.
    This brings the end to the festivities of the wedding party that takes place on the span of weeks and
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