Weddings during COVID-19 Corona Virus

Weddings during COVID-19 Corona Virus

Weddings during COVID-19 Corona Virus: The year has been unusual and challenging for all of us. Things have not been easy and no one around us can say that they have been affected by this Covid-19 Corona Virus in anyway. Some of us got affected medically, while others suffered mentally through these tough times. Our life events have suffered a lot. Out kids education, our office, businesses, job, tasks at home, errands and even our Wedding plans.

When was the last time you attended a wedding without a fear of any disease? I am sure many of us can relate to that. Even couples who have been planning to get married have become super victims of this deadly virus. Decision if it is good time to get married or not has taken all the energies down. Plans they have made for the wedding events have been challenged or cancelled. I know may friends who planned big for the year 2020/21 but now they feel like they either have to wait or go simple.

Nature also brings positives whenever it throws a challenge at us. Looking at the brighter side, many families now have a chance to go simple with their events without the fear or “Log kia kahain gay (What others will say)” if we don’t arrange a big feast or book a marquee for 1000 guests or wear a designer dress or there will be not party on our wedding. Many families took this as a blessing in disguise and went for it. Making sure they achieve the eternal happiness out of it, they tied their knot for the life to live.

Even the guest! Yes, if you are the one who is not social or don’t want to go out on late night parties or weddings either because of less spending or may be because you don’t like meeting people; this COVID 19 has brought a break. Now we can relax and avoid the gatherings where we had to put a fake smile on our face and sit and wait for the event to over, I mean it is a blessing in that regard (may be).

Businesses have gotten a major hit in this era. We know multiple vendors who invested their life savings in events related businesses just before this COVID-19 hit us. People ran out of capital because of no income. Many vendors closed down as they couldn’t survive the grim of this virus.

While some of the businesses did innovate and took challenge to go online and provide remote or outdoor services. They made sure they are following the policies and SOPs implied by government to keep people safe while they enjoy their wedding or other events.

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