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S.M.Waqar Wedding Photography A wedding is a Big special day in your life. Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings.
It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage.
S.M.Waqar is a highly successful wedding and fashion photographer, with a fresh and personal approach that consistently delivers a unique and engaging imagery to her clients and their audiences.
S.M.Waqar is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who has been shooting professionally . His talents have taken him to many locations throughout the Pakistan for weddings shoots and editorial assignments, & learned both the value and the skill of preserving the most treasured moments of a person’s life.
A most definitely ! There are several factors that are in your favor on your big day.
Firstly you’ll be amazed by the confidence you have when your hair and makeup are done and you’re in your wedding dress.
Also most of the time you’ll be so caught up in the magic and excitement of the day that you won’t even know you’re being captured & helps that day to flow and allows people to just enjoy the day,

About:Sharp Photo

Sharp Photos established in 2009 with objective to innovate the way of clicking and inspiring photography.
Sharp Photos delivers imagery that meets the requirements of marketing directors, event planners, and individual needs.
Sharp photos has been working on various drama sets, portfolios, Wedding photography, product photography and product marketing .i.e.
billboards, posters, banners, brochures, dvd packaging….


S.M. Waqar a professional photographer, is the man behind Sharp Photos who has taken photography to higher level.
His his objective is to show the world as it is and beautify the images by keeping them natural and originally.
In this highly technological era its difficult to find images without graphical enhancements but
S.M. Waqar keeps his images and photos original as far as his personal portfolios are concerned.
His exceptional clicks have made exceptions in the industry. S.M. Waqar’s work can be seen on Facebook, Flickr and few more sites.

This upcoming photographer is about to hit the big scene in no time with his original way of capturing the world around him .

Professional Synopsis:

A Complete Production and Post Production specialist having more then six years of extensive work experience spanning
a variety of industries with emphasis on Production, Video Editing & Graphic designing beside this have an ability to handle,
manage and seek presentable work from the department workers.
Have designed various projects on Commercial Graphics, Web sites layouts, editing music, Video songs, Drama, Documentaries,
TV Commercials, and Photography.

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