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Kashan waraich studio is the home to expert wedding photographers in Karachi. Our significance in capturing the feelings, beauty and larger than life moments has given us the opportunity to document celebrations, and joyous events for our admirers all over Pakistan and in UAE. With several year of national and international experience in wedding photojournalism, Kashan Waraich & his team is the pioneer of photo-journalistic event photography in Pakistan where we take beautiful, spontaneous photography images of the bridal couple and guests at the event. We pride ourselves in capturing the expressions and emotions of the guests which can be enjoyed for years to come. The Idea Behind Capturing Moments: Words Of Kashan Waraich I think there is a dire need of capturing life, in its truest essence and purity. By documenting life’s milestones, celebrations, spectacular achievements and sweet moments, you can kindle those memories with your mind, moment by moment or in other words, image by image – which otherwise is impossible. Through our lens, we witness larger than life moments of true beauty, exactly where the joyous hearts produce the purest most unplugged feelings- and that is exactly when we click. For me a good image/shot is the one that showcases a moment that can never get old, the ones that are timeless and take you back into the scenery when it all happened with the exact happiness that made you swell and ignite the same glimmer in your eyes. Such are the images that tell stories, to whomever they are shared with. I thank you all for sharing these moments with me and allowing me to capture purity so divine!

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