Apartment 3-B, Third Floor, Plaza No 100، Block D, Civic Centre, Phase 4, Bahria Town، Rawalpindi 46300

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It all started with four children who were overly enthusiastic about photos and cameras; keeping a record of their school photos, materialising EVERY chance they got hold of their elder’s cameras and eventually starting off with point and shoots in their early teens; later buying in to DSLRs and investing in light. The boys got educated together and sharing the same passion; built up on the opportunity and started working as freelance photographers in their own individual capacities up until they sat down; and realised – that a team was better than a one man army …

Coming from Diverse backgrounds, with their creativity, the aim to think out of the box, Passion and desire mixed with in-depth technical knowledge of our work, the boys at Chaar Bhai strive to provide you with the best possible product – tangible as well as intangible 🙂

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