Monsoon Weddings

Monsoon Weddings

How are Monsoon Weddings Celebrated. Monsoon is the famous rainy season which starts from June through September. Along with lot of rain, it brings humidity which is at its peak. Imagine you have to wear a heavy Wedding Dress full of golden work and all the lights heating up to you.

This is how it feels when you get married in Monsoon in Pakistan. People are usually discouraged for that matter because it becomes hard for both bride and groom and even the family arranging it. Kids screening around and maids not showing up due to rain is a common thing.

From October things start to get cool down and reason why I have so many relatives inviting us during the same dates. My mother, my aunt, my cousin and my friends they all have one thing in common.. their Wedding Dates 🙂

How are Monsoon Weddings Celebrated

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