Marigolds of Mayoun

Marigolds of Mayoun

Mayoun is a Pakistani pre-wedding custom, during which the bride often goes into a seclusion period of about seven to fifteen days before the wedding. The bride is supposed to wear bright yellow clothes with gota kinari works on them, till the fuction of mayoun, i.e: the start of wedding ceremony.

Adorned in a beautiful shade of mango yellow with zardosi or gota kinari work, the dress is gifted to the bride by her in laws and according to the tradition she wears it for those few days of seclusion and on the day of mayoun event. Yellow or Golden shades of jewellery is also a part of the things that are worn by the bride along with the dress. It usually includes bangles, and earrings with white and yellow flowers, then GAJREY (flowers strung together in a thread to form a bracelet), a very very important part of the mayoun dress theme is a pair of gajrey. All these things are arranged beautifully in a fully adorned basket as a gift package and sent to the bride’s house by groom’s family.

The beautification of rituals like applying mehndi and ubtan begin a few days before the wedding. Since the event is basically organized for the bride so usually it takes place the bride’s house. The interior of the house is decorated with flowers and lights, Yellow and Green décor is kept as the main theme along with shades of golds.

Now-a-days the seclusion days for bride have been shortened to only two-three days and the main event is also organized in marquees or grand marriage halls. It looks beautiful and has all the fun but the charm and glory of the old traditional rituals is what beautifies the events of a wedding more.

The function mainly includes family and friends of bride who come and apply ubtan on bride’s face and hands, which basically means that it will help in glorifying the bride’s skin and make her glow.

Girls sing songs, play dholak and dance. Mithai (sweets) is served. The menu of lunch varies, mostly depends on the affordability and liking. Usually there are curries, rice, salads and sweets along with some sweet tea or green tea served in the end.

On each day, leading up to the day of wedding the bride spends time with her friends and family at her parents’ house. She is free of all the house chores and is allowed to relax. The bride is also not allowed to see the groom during the days of seclusion as a part of the ritual.  Along with all these rituals, the bride is also not allowed to leave the house as it is considered a bad omen for her wedding. Other than the fact that people now-a-days do not believe in these sort of things, older Pakistani women still take this superstition very seriously.

The list of customs and traditions of a Pakistani Wedding is very long but all of these things represent one thing; Happiness and Joy of new marriage. All the family gatherings, the dinners and the events end after a week or so but the happiness and memories remain forever.

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