One of the most exciting event of any wedding is the Mehndi function. It is celebrated on both Bride and Groom’s end.

Mehndi on Bride’s home is all about gathering friends and having them sing songs on Dholak and put Mehndi and Ubtan on the bride to be. This ritual is to make her look beautiful and flawless on her wedding day. Usually the girl is dressed in bright yellow dress with all those gota kinari work. Friends of bride to be put mehndi designs on her hands and arms.

Meanwhile, on the Grooms end similar situation is with the boys but without mehndi and gota kindari jora 🙂 . Friends and cousins of groom gather him to put mehndi on his face just to tease. Sisters sing songs on Dholak to celebrate wedding of their beloved brother.

This is not just it. Mehndi is all about desi food with full of Poorian and Channay and Achari Bhujia. This is fried and served live to the guests.

All in all it is all a fun event no one wants to miss. But the fact is only very close ones are invited to it . So tell us How important is Mehndi Function 🙂

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