Floral Bridal Jewellery

Floral Bridal Jewellery

The easiest way to make a girl happy is with flowers and floral jewellery is the most “in” thing in a girl’s wedding.

If there is one bridal fashion trend that is in full bloom, it is that of floral jewellery and it has traditionally been part of the bride’s trousseau since many ages.

Bride’s wear fresh or artificial flower jewellery on different days of their wedding, i.e. Dholki, Mayoun or Mehndi. The pieces make for a unique way of freshening up your look and offer a welcome break from the gold and diamond rotation. They are effortless, pretty and adaptable to a variety of taste.

Floral Jewelry Pakistan

Flower earrings, bracelets, matha pati, tikka and necklace are part of the Mehndi look for the bride. Flowers are also adorned in the hair to complete the look.

To make the whole event vibrant and colorful, the women attending the ceremonies also adorn flower bangles or flowers in their braids or buns.

Flower jewellery is available in the market in a different range of flowers or can be customized according to the event theme.

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